The town is occupied by monsters and you are the only one who's able to stand against the aggressors, to study their technologies and become... a weapon!
Find out which flavor of ice cream you are based on your Zodiac sign.
Journey to an ancient temple and play a match 3 puzzle game. Rotate groups of figures by clicking them. To pass to the next level turn all triangles into gold.
Grab a bowling ball and throw it down the lane. If you are lucky, you'll knock down all the pins and pick up a strike or spare.
Help Gomba the squirrel as he avoids hungry predators and other hidden perils of the jungle in a race against time to collect as many nuts as possible before winter sets in.
In this excellent top-view action game you are at a space base. The power at the base has been shut down and its inhabitants disappeared. Talking to the main computer you find out that some presence h...